Control 3rd party Apps and Integrations

Canonic streamlines app review, continuously monitors apps, and reduces the risks involved in third-party access to your data

SaaS-native Integrations Risks

Business apps are proliferating. Add-ons and API extensions even more so. Users are taking full advantage of the new app world, its access and ease of interconnection. But app-to-app integrations benefits also come with a new landscape of risks:

Potentially Harmful

Is it really what it says it is?
Has it been compromised?


Where can it connect to or from? How?​


Does it really need or use the privileges it asks for?

App Defense At a Glance

App & Add-on Discovery

Gain full visibility over 1st, 2nd and 3rd Party apps and API integrations across your business application estate

Posture Assessment

Uncover rogue and vulnerable apps, Assess each integration posture, behavior and, the risk involved with its API access

Attack Surface Reduction

Quarantine suspicious apps, reduce excessive and inappropriate privileges, revoke and block access if necessary

Access Governance

Enable app integrations by automating app-vetting and app access recertification processes

Access Intelligence

Map and analyze apps, services, add-ons and other integrations blast radius

Blast RadiusAccess Intelligence
Vulnerability Insights

Vulnerability Insight

Uncover vulnerable, abused and misconfigured integrations

Vulnerability Insights

Continuous Control

Continuously monitor behavior, revoke access if necessary and streamline end-user notifications

Continuous Control

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